About our Plans

At Southern Home Plan Designs all of our online home plans are designed by a professional residential building designer. The construction plans are concise, easy to read, detailed and builder friendly. We take pride in designing innovative, accurate, and technically complete pre drawn home plans.

What is Included in Our Online Home Plans?

Each set includes:

  1. Detailed Floor Plans – show the layout of each floor of the home. Rooms and interior spaces, doors, windows, etc. are carefully dimensioned.
  2. Exterior Elevations – show the front elevation with attention given to brick/stone and other items that make your home unique. Also shown are the rear, and each side elevations.
  3. Foundation Plans – our plans feature slab construction. This sheet shows the foundation layout including bearing walls and foundation notes.
  4. Structural Plan – shows typical wall framing and necessary details for brick/stone/stucco, etc. exterior walls. Typical foundation cut-away. NOTE: If trusses are used it is recommended you use a local manufacturer to design your trusses to comply with local code and regulations.

Other Information:

Due to regional variations it is impossible to include much detail on h/a systems, plumbing, electrical work, etc. These details and specifications can be obtained from your contractor or local suppliers. We at Southern Home Plan Designs recommend an on-site walk-through with your electrical contractor during the construction/framing stage of your house to insure that your specific electrical needs are met.

Because of the wide range of requirements in different states and cities it is possible that the plans may not have all the information required by your area building department. Some states may require that a licensed architect or engineer review and stamp your house plan. If this is the case, we suggest hiring a local designer or engineer who can assist bringing the plans up to your local code. These changes should not alter the design of the house plan.

Disclaimer: We authorize the use of our house plans on the condition you comply with all local building codes and other applicable requirements. We advise that you consult your local building official before and/or during construction, as required by such office. We have put great effort into the creation of our house plans; however, because we cannot provide on-site control over the actual construction of your home and because of variances in local building requirements, soils, weather, seismic, and such conditions, WE CANNOT MAKE ANY WARRANTY, ESPRESSED OR IMPLIED, WITH RESPECT TO THE CONTENT OR USE OF OUR HOUSE PLANS.